SunScan 2.4m² Horizontal Flat Plate Collector

Solar water heating has been said to be one of mankind’s greatest inventions. These systems have a huge number of great attributes that helps make it one of the most effectual methods of heating water for residents and commercial centres of South Africa.
Solar heating is used in different parts of the world as it is very cost effective and the most renewable source of energy. Because of the rising cost in electricity in South Africa solar energy has become extremely popular.

Solar thermal energy is used in many more homes in South Africa than ever before. There are two kinds of systems, Active and the Passive heating system.
• Active or forced solar systems capture the heat from the sun using solar panels installed on top of the roofs of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. A pump then pumps the heated water to remotely placed storage vessel.
Passive heating systems work a bit differently and are one of the cheapest ways of heating water. It involves the use solar panels roof mounted with the storage tank mounted on the roof above the panel in order for the solar system to thermo-syphon. Most countries use the active system more than the passive system.


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South Africans have been forced to start exploring alternative energy, because if it’s not the price of electricity receiving another hike, it will probably be load shedding. Your only way of beating the odds is by going the solar route. With solar energy you don’t need to worry about price hikes or blackouts, because solar energy is free and available every time the sun comes up.

When you look at solar collectors you have to keep in mind certain things. Are they efficient and durable? The SunScan 2.4m² Horizontal Flat Plate Collector has a good reputation for both of these elements. It’s got a very sleek design and this specific model is very popular for geyser related purposes. However, you can use it according to your needs. Don’t waste another second worrying about high prices and power cuts when you’ve got solar collectors.

Features and Benefits
• Unique Copper Aluminium Selective coating offers higher adsorption, reduces loss, longer life.
• Unique air filtration vents that help to prevent moisture build up on the inside of the panel.
• Low Iron prismatic glass offers max transmittance, less reflected radiation.
• Ripped absorber surface offers higher performance.
• Aluminium Anodized Casing, no rust.
• Risers are sonic welded.
• Probe pocket measure temperature.
• 10 year warranty.

Technical Specifications
• Overall area (m²) – 2.4.
• Absorber area (m²) – 2.21.
• Aperture area (m²) – 2.24.
• Risers – 9. 11.
• Dimensions (L x W x H)(mm) – 2005 x 1200 x 80.
• Weight (kg) – 38Kg.
• Absorber Capacity (L) – 1.99.
• Frame material – Aluminium-alloy.
• Surface Material – Aluminium-alloy.
• Back plate – Chromodeck.
• Absorber Sheet – Cu/Al, oxide film.
• Absorption [%] – 94%.
• Emission [%] – 8 (80°±5°).
• Manifold Ø (mm) – Ø 22 x 0.75.
• Risers Ø (mm) – Ø 10 x 0.5.
• Insulation Material – Glass Wool.
• Side Insulation Thickness – 25mm.
• Back Insulation Thickness – 35mm.
• Glass – Woven ultra-white toughened solar safety glass.
• Cover Thickness – 3mm.
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Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 2005 × 1200 × 80 mm

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Guarantee/ Warranty

10 year product warranty

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