SunScan Variable Speed 220V Bronze Circulating Pump

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• Single and double-heating systems.
• Large-scale mixed-loop system.
• Supply water and add pressure for mansions of city, villa of suburb, house.
• Match with industrial equipment.
• Supply water in cycle for cooling air-condition, boiler and solar energy.
• Supply hot water and keep warm in cycle.



The circulation pump is very necessary component for specific solar geyser systems. They carry either the water or heating liquid between the collector and the tank, which means they have to be durable. At the same time you want the model to have a low energy consumption, but still have enough power to get the job done.

The SunScan Variable Speed 220V Bronze Circulating Pump is a good example of a high quality component. It's low on energy, doesn't make much noise, and it's got enough power. More importantly, it's a workhorse.

Product Specifications:

• Body material - Cast iron/brass.
• Impeller - Engineering plastic.
• Shaft & Block - Stainless Steel.
• Trust bearing - Graphite.
• Bearing - Stainless Steel.
• Trust metal - Stainless Steel.
• Housing - Stainless Steel.
• Head - 6m.
• Rotated flow - 1.0m³/h - 9.0m³/h.
• Dimensions - 130mm x 180mm x 130mm.
• Weight - 3.0Kg.

Key Features:
• Low noise, no leakage.
• Environmental protection.
• Elegant appearance.
• Easy installation, reliable operation.
• Energy Saving.
• Easy Maintenance.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 130 × 180 × 130 mm

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