Victron Quattro 48/10000/140/100/100 8000W Inverter/Charger

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    Similar to the MultiPlus, the Quattro is also a combined inverter and charger. Additionally it can accept two AC inputs and automatically connect to the active source. Its many features include a true sine wave inverter, adaptive charging, hybrid PowerAssist technology plus multiple system integration features such as three or split phase operation and parallel operation.

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    • Two AC inputs with integrated transfer switch - The Quattro can be connected to two independent AC sources
    • Two AC Outputs - The main output has no-break functionality. In the event of a grid failure or generator power being disconnected, the Quattro takes over the supply to the connected loads.
    • Unique PowerAssist Feature - The Quattro will prevent overload of a limited AC source.
    • Virtually unlimited Power thanks to Parallel Operation - Up to 6 Quatrros can operate in parallel to achieve a higher power output.

    Victron charge controllers must be updated to the latest version of the product firmware upon commissioning. Use the VIC-MK2-USB for that purpose.

    Note: Confirmation of compatibility between Victron Quattro charger inverters and LG Chem Li-Ion battery products is pending. Not to be used together for the time being.

    Product Specifications:

    • Weight: 55 kg
    • Rated Power: 8,000 W


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    Weight 55 kg
    Dimensions 470 × 350 × 280 mm

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