GF Rotor (Grey Water diversion system irrigation controller)

The G-Flow system is simple to use, economical run and easy to install. Using water from the washing machine, shower, bath and bathroom sinks, the G-Flow automatically diverts, filters and disperses the water to the garden via a drip line irrigation system.

With easy installation into both new and existing homes, the G-flow drip line irrigation system is an affordable option to keep your gardens green all year around, regardless of watering restrictions and droughts.

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The GF Rotor (Grey Water diversion system irrigation controller)

  • The GF Rotor operates evenly and sequentially from 2 – 6 watering zones.
  • The GF Rotor is a hydraulic indexing valve so no external power required.
  • The GF Rotor is flow activated so the unit will operate from a gravity fed tank with less than 1m head pressure.
  • Improves the performance of an drip line irrigation system by splitting the flows and increasing the operating pressure.
  • Simple and reliable.  Easy to install and operate.

Video on how the GF Drip line and Rotor work

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