WRND 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V Solar Regulator, 12A with Load & LEDs

Code: WSR12Auto

A solar controller is an electronic device that controls the circulating pump in a solar hot water system to harvest as much heat as possible from the solar panels and protect the system from overheating. The basic job of the controller is to turn the circulating pump on when there is heat available in the panels, moving the working fluid through the panels to the heat exchanger at the thermal store. Heat is available whenever the temperature of the solar panel is greater than the temperature of the water in the heat exchanger. Overheat protection is achieved by turning the pump off when the store reaches its maximum temperature and sometimes cooling the store by turning the pump on when the store is hotter than the panels.


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Key Features:

  • Manufactured in South Africa
  • Direct manufacture support
  • 2 year warranty
  • 5 and 10 year warranty available
  • Detects system voltage at start up
  • Reusable (when upgrading or use with another system)
  • Low self consumption (< 5mA)
  • Solid state (no moving parts)

Product Specifications:

  • Auto detects and selects system voltage at start up: 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V
  • Max PV input current (Isc): 12A
  • Max load current (Isc): 12A

     For 12V systems:

  •   Max self consumption: 0.06W
  •   Max PV input voltage (Voc): 70V
  •   PV disconnects at (End of charge): 14.7V
  •   PV reconnects at: 13.8V
  •   Load disconnects at: 11.4V
  •   Load reconnects at: 12.8V
  •   Call of email us if you need different settings.

     For 24V systems:

  •   Max self consumption: 0.12W
  •   Max PV input voltage (Voc): 80V
  •   PV disconnects at (End of charge): 29.4V
  •   PV reconnects at: 27.7V
  •   Load disconnects at: 22.8V
  •   Load reconnects at: 25.6V
  •   Call of email us if you need different settings.

     For 36V systems:

  •   Max self consumption: 0.18W
  •   Max PV input voltage (Voc): 90V
  •   PV disconnects at (End of charge): 44.1V
  •   PV reconnects at: 41.3V
  •   Load disconnects at: 34.2V
  •   Load reconnects at: 38.3V
  •   Call of email us if you need different settings.

     For 48V systems: 

  • Max self consumption: 0.24W
  •   Max PV input voltage (Voc): 100V
  •   PV disconnects at (End of charge): 58.7V
  •   PV reconnects at: 55.2V
  •   Load disconnects at: 45.7V
  •   Load reconnects at: 51.1V
  •   Call of email us if you need different settings.

Other Features:

  • Weight: 70g
  •  Dimensions: 72 x 50 x 27mm
  •  Max. wire size: 10AWG (4mm^2)

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 72 × 50 × 27 mm

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