WRND MPPT Solar Charge Controller, 12/24V, 120A

Code: WMP2412A

A charge controller, charge regulator or battery regulator limits the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from electric batteries. It prevents overcharging and may protect against overvoltage, which can reduce battery performance or lifespan, and may pose a safety risk. It may also prevent completely draining (“deep discharging”) a battery, or perform controlled discharges, depending on the battery technology, to protect battery life. The terms “charge controller” or “charge regulator” may refer to either a stand-alone device, or to control circuitry integrated within a battery pack, battery-powered device, or battery charger.


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Key Features:

  • Manufactured in South Africa
  • Direct manufacture support
  • 2 year warranty
  • 5 and 10 year warranty available
  • 30% better yield
  • tracks the maximum power delivery point
  • Logs statistics
  • Charges and conditions battery
  • Can be configured for optimization
  • Solid state (no moving parts)
  • ideal for maritime applications

Product Specifications:

  • Nominal battery voltage: 12V or 24V (auto select)
  • Handles panels up to: 3000W (24V system), 1500W (12V system)
  • Max panel voltage: 75V
  • Max continues battery charging current: 123A (electronically limited)
  • Charging (3 stages): Bulk, Absorb & Equalize
  • Log history: last 31 days (saves: kWh, run time and max pv watts)
  • Totals counter: days & kWhProtection:
  • Over current protection in hardware and software
  • Over voltage limiting in hardware and software
  • Over temperatureSettings:
  • Charging current limit
  • Normal charging: voltage
  • Equalize charging: voltage, duration, occurrence
  • Other sizes available: 40A & 80A

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