Make Your Pool Sparkle with Solar Power

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Summer is slowly getting closer and it’s time to get your pool back into tip-top shape. This means allowing that pool pump to work some overtime if necessary, because the South African sun isn’t something you want to endure without a pool. But while the rest of the family enjoys the clean and refreshing water, you’re wondering how much energy the pump is using, especially with the continual price hikes from Eskom. Of course it’s not going to guzzle up as much energy as a geyser, but every little bit counts.

Solar Pool Equipment

If you haven’t considered it before, there are several solar pool tools you can use for different things. From solar covers to special pond pumps, you can turn your outdoor area into an environment friendly space while saving a lot of money. But in this particular case we’ll be focusing on the biggest power culprit, namely the pool pump itself. There are two main types you can choose from.

The Conventional Pool Pump


As you can see, they don’t look much different than ordinary electric powered pumps. This is because they do exactly the same job, but they are completely dependent on the sun. Everything you would take into account before installing the pump, such as the filters and pool size, is done before choosing a solar pump. You’ll be happy to know that they run silently and function perfectly for several years.

The only big difference you’ll notice is the variable flow rate with the solar pump, seeing as the sun is the dictating factor here. And before you make any purchases, look at the filtration system your pool is currently using. For solar pumps it’s recommended to use sand and cartridge filters.

How much you can expect to pay? Obviously it’s going to depend on several things, such as the size of the pool. But prices range between R10 000 and R50 000, which sounds like a lot at face value. How quickly you are going to recoup the money can’t be stated to a certainty, but it’s one appliance less to worry about in terms of energy usage.

It’s interesting to note that these pumps weren’t specifically made for pools. They are very diverse and can be used for other things such as heating your home or even the pool. They can also be used for beautiful water features if you feel like.

The Standalone System


This is an interesting filter system and doesn’t require an installation process. It’s almost like those small floaters you’d leave in the pool, but this particular floater is going to do a lot more. However, these models are better suited for smaller pools. If you want to use them with a bigger pool then consider adding them as “helpers” instead. Unfortunately they have yet to reach a larger market share in South Africa, but you can find several models on Amazon.