Solar Geysers

Without a doubt, Solar Geysers will save you a lot of money and is still one of the best investments you can make.

We have various kits and parts available, we can also arrange installations for certain areas.

Want to understand how Solar Geysers work? Read our complete easy to read the guide here.


These systems are the most popular, they use very little moving parts making them very reliable.

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Conversion Kits

If you have an existing geyser you can purchase a Conversion Kit, these are commonly called “Retrofits”.

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Close Coupled

A good option for areas that have a warmer climate, not ideal for colder areas.

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Special Offers

We are one of the most competitive suppliers, check out the best deals we have available.

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Solar Geyser Review Summary

Overall Solar Geyers are a top investment, there is no doubt that it is the first step when gaining energy independence.

Each Solar Geyser type has it’s own Pros and Cons, depending on what you are using it for (home or business). Either way, it will save you money on your electricity bill.