Solar Power

Solar power systems become more lucrative by the day. Even though load shedding in South Africa has subsided and consistent power is back on track, it comes with a different price. In order to sustain the constant power people are forced to fork out more money at every turn. It’s kind of like giving up one evil for another. But another aspect that includes everyone is the need to get rid of coal and nuclear power. If not to save loads of money in the long run, consider what the future will look like if we don’t take the initiative? One more thing, if you see a solar geyser for sale sign, don’t hesitate in giving it a look. At this point it forms a critical part of any solar array.

With this said, a solar power panel system is pretty basic. From the point to where the energy is captured to the point where it’s released, this is what you have to know.

solar panel system

A Solar Panel System Starts with Panels

For those who are just discovering solar panels for the first time, the panels are the cells that capture energy from the sun. They are typically placed on the roof of a house, but it depends on the situation. The most common question when it comes to panels is how much you’ll need to power an average house. Unfortunately there’s no straightforward answer. It’s going to require some calculations on your part, because it’s not only the size of the home in question. It’s also about how much electricity is used at a specific time and the weather circumstances. Then of course the efficiency of the panels have to be considered. Plus, getting a solar geyser for sale at a reputable online store means winning half the battle in terms of energy consumption.


There are different types of mountings, such as dual and axis tracking mounts. These follow the sun as it moves during the day, getting you all the power a day can give. You are also at liberty to stylishly covering these mountings if you feel they lower the appeal of the home too much. But this will cost extra and sometimes it can effect the efficiency of the panels. If the panels don’t get a cold breeze every now and then they run hot, which means less energy. It’s more important to fix those mountings that they’ll stay in tact for the next 25 years.

The Inverter

This is the part of the system that changes the voltage from DC to AC. In other words, from a weak stream to a strong stream equal to your conventional power grid. Given the heavy duty task the inverter must perform, it’s best to choose quality from the start. It might not be the most expensive section, but it’s not cheap either.

The Batteries

solar panel for sale

If you want to send power back into the grid then you won’t really need batteries, because they are used for storing energy. They charge during the day and depending on how many you use, it will serve you at night. Once again, you want to go with quality batteries in order to ensure reliability. The Tesla Powerwall lithium battery costs about R70 000 and enures 10 years of good use. In case you are wondering how many batteries you’ll need, we have an article that shows you how to make the calculations.

Safety Switches, Wires and Power Meter


Last but not least, the solar power panel system needs to be connected to the house, safety switches are put in place along with the necessary fuse boxes. The only real interesting thing about these sections is the power meter. It’s not necessary to use special meters, because conventional meters can turn back.


But due to the complexity home owners prefer installing a more sophisticated meter.

Solar Geyser for Sale

Just for interesting sake, maybe you should consider a solar geyser system. It’s a great first step towards building a bigger array, because it targets the biggest culprit of energy consumption around the house, namely the geyser. We have a solar geyser for sale at our online store, and you can choose between several different systems.

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