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You can buy Solar Batteries for your Solar Power System, a fundamental part of any Off-Grid or Hybrid solar system that requires backup power. Solar Batteries can store electricity for immediate use in the home or business.

The Main Solar Battery Types


The oldest option available the Lead-Acid battery has been in solar system for many years, there are variations under the Lead-Acid family.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is the latest Lead-Acid technology available, they are better than the traditional Flood Lead-Acid option.

They are maintenance free,  they don’t leak acid or fumes because they are completely sealed  making them very stable.

The low discharge rate means they lose less power, ideal for regular or semi-regular use.

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A far more efficient battery the Lithium-ion technology is cleaner, lasts longer and wastes less compared to Lead-Acid Batteries.

Completely maintenance free and with a greater DOD (Depth Of Discharge) you will get  up to 80%  compared to Lead-Acid which is 50%.

 Their lifespan is around 10 – 12 years with around 5000 – 7000 cycles , this makes Lithium-ion a better investment long term.

We highly recommend Lithium, the Pylon range is great value.

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Small Storage

2.4kWh Batteries

Perfect for low energy households

Small appliances like lights, laptops and chargers.

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Medium Storage

3.5kWh to 4.8kWh Batteries

Perfect for average energy households

Small/Medium sized appliances like fridges, freezers, TV, lights, laptops, chargers etc.

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Large Storage

5kWh+ Batteries

Perfect for high energy households & businesses

Small/Medium sized appliances pumps, fridges, freezers, TV, Pumps, lights, laptops, chargers etc.

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Showing all 42 results

Solar Batteries – Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries (Deep Cycle Solar Batteries) are a key segment in an independent sustainable power source framework. Regardless of whether the nearby planetary group is off-network or the battery bank is utilized for reinforcement in the event of an electrical matrix disappointment.

On the off chance that you are introducing a breeze, sun-powered board or hydroelectric framework that will be attached to your utility network, you will need deep cycle batteries on the off chance that you are attempting to utilize control in case of a blackout. Without deep cycle batteries, you can just utilize control at the time you produce it (for example you won’t have control when the sun isn’t out on the off chance that you don’t have batteries in your sun-powered electric framework).

Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

In sustainable power source frameworks, deep cycle batteries give the vitality stockpiling to your framework. In contrast to your vehicle battery, deep cycle batteries that are utilized in sustainable power source applications are intended to be released and revived (cycled) more than once. To keep up solid batteries and draw out battery life, most producers recommend restricting the profundity of release to about 20%.

At the least, don’t enable the batteries to be released underneath half Depth of Discharge (DOD). Regularly an inverter will have a Low Voltage Disconnect highlight that will separate burdens at a given set point. Low voltage alerts can give discernible admonitions also. Ammeters, Voltmeters, Battery Monitors can assist better in keeping up deep cycle battery wellbeing and give insights about the general strength of the framework.

Types of Solar Batteries

While choosing deep cycle batteries for capacity from your sun oriented cluster or wind turbine, you’ll have the choice to utilize overwhelmed lead corrosive (FLA) batteries, fixed batteries (AGM or Gel cell) or lithium batteries. Remember that FLA batteries require a touch of support, in any case, they for the most part last longer than their fixed partners. Water penny pincher vent tops, which decreases battery watering, can diminish the recurrence that the deep cycle batteries need watering. You’ll require one vent top for every 2 V cells.

Can I Add Solar Batteries to a Grid-tied Solar System?

Indeed you can! Adding a battery bank to a matrix tied close planetary system is especially conceivable—and an undeniably well-known alternative given the expanded recurrence of extraordinary climate. Watch our video where we clarify the two fundamental approaches to add battery back to a current matrix tied nearby planetary group. In the event that you are as of now making vitality with the sun, there’s no explanation you can’t store your own vitality for when the framework is down.

Quality Vs Affordable Solar Batteries

As a rule, it’s smarter to pay somewhat extra and introducing a productive sunlight based battery from the beginning. It will set aside more cash over the long haul, and this is the sort of the point of view that is empowered. Continuously think about how quality sunlight based batteries will assist you with bringing down the line. Don’t simply concentrate on what they will cost you now.

Figure what you really need by utilizing our valuable online grid-tied calculator.

Be Energy Smart with Lithium-ion Solar Batteries

When you take the option to store energy, it is important to choose a good battery bank. A variety of models are offered and each one comes with different capabilities. The most popular choice for storing solar power is Li-ion batteries. This is a similar technology that goes into portable devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. However, manufacturers use patented chemical combinations in order to make their lithium-ion models more efficient. Our guide provides a lot of interesting information about how these batteries function and why they are popular.

AGM Models are Great Alternatives

Lithium-ion is definitely not your only choice. You can also look into more budget-friendly AGM models. These are tough, durable, and they provide great storage capacity. But our guide can give more insight if details are what you need.

Quality Range of Brands

Investing in a quality brand solar battery also means getting a warranty for several years. This shows the company has confidence in the products they put on the market, and solar storage solutions are not excluded from the rule. At SolarAdvice, we only source batteries from industry leaders such as:


Operational since 2010, UFO has a strong and global reputation for designing innovative and affordable lithium-ion batteries. With every new model that gets released, the batteries get smarter and more efficient. Plus, the sleek designs make the batteries presentable in any room, a strong alternative to the Telsa Powerwall.

– PylonTech

Pylon Tech batteries enjoy a reputation for out-selling the rest. The company was established in 2009 and continues to develop better technology for increased storage options. Also, considered one of the most stable and efficient battery brands on the market, we are happy to make them available directly to our clients at the most competitive price on the market.

– Dyness

Dyness is a relatively new kid on the block, their Owner was once the Chief Engineer at PylonTech and so the Dyness shares a lot of similarities of that of the PylonTech stackable batteries. With a 10-year warranty, fantastic performance and features the Dyness range is very competitive.

– Victron

The same company that produces Victron lithium-ion batteries is also responsible for designing several top-range inverters. And it is good to know Victron Energy has more than five decades of experience in terms of energy solutions.

– Freedom Won

Freedom Won is a local company that got started in 2011. After the founders turned their Jeep Grand Cherokee into an electric model, they went on to do more conversions. Battery designs from Freedom Won are very sleek but do not be fooled by the looks. The batteries are incredibly efficient and compact as well.

– BlueNova

Even though Blue Nova is relatively new to the market (established 2015), it does not mean the company lacks the ability to set quality standards. After partnering with Reutech, BlueNova has been made available in South African markets. You can look at our range of BlueNova batteries right here.

Keep the Lights On with SolarAdvice

Calculations based on your energy needs are very important for choosing the best battery. Also, consider the lifespan (number of charging cycles) and the output capability. Will the battery discharge at a constant rate and remain stable? If for some reason you cannot find the answer you are looking for in our guide, our friendly consultants are standing by.