Solar Inverters

Solar Power Inverters are one of the most important investments for your Solar Power System.

How Solar Inverters Work

The Inverter converts the power produced from the Solar Panels, from DC power into useable AC power.
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There are various types of inverters for Off-Grid, Grid-Tied and Hybrid systems.

String Inverter

This type of Inverter is the most versatile, efficient and cost-effective of the options available.

Here are the general functions that a Grid-Tied / Hybrid String Inverters typically perform:

  • Synchronise to the grid
  • Disconnect if the grid goes down
  • Use an alternative power source (solar, battery or wind)
  • Detect if any power sources are depleted and switch to another
  • Monitor power usage

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Solar Inverter Review Summary

Depending on what type of inverter you choose the experience can differ greatly, for such an important component it’s safe to say that we rate the Solar Inverter high.

Inverters have improved over the years and they’re only getting more reliable, cheaper, easier to install with improved monitoring features.

Consult with a technician before purchasing your inverter just to make sure it suits your needs.


Enables system monitoring


Expandable (Micro-inverters)

Long lasting


Expensive for larger systems

Can vary depending on manufacter