Lead Crystal

lead crystal batteries

Lead crystal batteries

What are lead crystal batteries ?

Lead crystal batteries were made as an alternative to lead acid batteries after further research and development resulted in a higher quality lead composite that, bottom line, is a more stable and reliable composite than that of the Lead Acid or Lead gel range.

What lifespan can you expect from a Lead crystal battery?

These batteries, if used correctly can last up to 18 years ( 3 times more than the gel battery range)

Depth of depletion?

These batteries have been tested with a 100% depletion and were still able to recover to full charge. Whereas your regular lead acid and gel would be completely destroyed. It would still be recommended to run them no further than 50% DOD, however you will be ensuring the longevity of the product.

 Why use lead crystal batteries?

  • 3 x longer life span
  • DOD safety recovery up to 100%
  • Higher efficiency rating
  • 3 year warranty on all lead crystal battery ranges.
Lead Crystal
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