Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries are extremely popular in South Africa because they store either grid or solar power for later use, like when the grid goes down due to Load Shedding.

Solar Battery Types

In the past, AGM batteries were the battery of choice. However, today, Lithium-ion Solar Batteries are far more in demand due to their much longer battery life (6,000-10,000 cycles). While there are still a few diehard AGM fans out there, SolarAdvice will always recommend a Lithium-ion battery instead.

It’s not just the longer life span that makes these types of batteries so sought-after. They have some extras that the AGMs just don’t have.

  • Much longer warranty periods(5-10 years)
  • Greater depth of discharge (80-100%)
  • Built-in BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Safe

To learn more about Solar Batteries, take a look at our videos below:

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