Hybrid Inverters

A Hybrid inverter is probably the most versatile option you can get. This type of inverter allows you to have backup power like an Off-Grid inverter but it also has the benefits of a Grid-Tied inverter.

How does the Hybrid Inverter work?

The basic principle of an inverter is to convert DC power to AC, but with modern Hybrid inverters, they provide more functionality than this.

Not only does this type of inverter convert the energy from the solar panels to power appliances, but it’s also smart enough to understand if the energy from the panels isn’t enough to power the load. From this, it supplements the remainder from the backup options, this could be from the battery or the grid. Learn more about Hybrid inverters in our Solar Inverter Guide.

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Keeping the Battery Bank Charged
A great function the inverter provides is the automatic charging, in short, this means that when your battery is depleted it will recharge it from the solar array. It is recommended to invest in quality lithium-ion, if you plan on using alternative energy during the night or cloudy days.

Why Use a Hybrid System?

We like to keep things simple and straightforward at SolarAdvice, which is why you should browse our complete hybrid systems Only the best solar equipment combinations are used with high-quality hybrid inverters. And if you want reasons why a hybrid inverter can be beneficial, consider the following:

  • Allows you to fall back to the grid if your battery backup has been depleted
  • Optimises the energy sources together
  • Most versatile out of the 3 main types of inverters
  • Most modern inverter technology

Whether you just need the hybrid inverter or a complete off-the-grid kit, let our friendly consultants assist you. Get independent advice if you are not sure about something, and shop solar directly from our online store.