Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters are the heart of any Solar Power or Load Shedding Kit.

The primary function of the Solar Inverter is to convert DC power into AC power which we use in our homes. Solar Batteries store DC power, so the inverter will also convert the energy coming from the battery into usable AC power.

Another task the inverter has is to manage the charge and discharge of your battery, ensuring the overall health of your Solar Power or Load Shedding system is in good nick.

You can learn more about how they work by reading our Inverter Guide: Click here

Types of Inverters

You have four main types of solar inverters, Grid-Tied, Off-Grid, Hybrid and 3 Phase Inverters.

Each has its own specific needs, so it’s essential to understand which one will suit your needs.

To better understand the types of Inverters and you’d prefer to not read our guide, watch our short video guide.

Solar Inverter Types - The Basics | Solar Advice

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