Solar Power Kits

Not everyone has the time to search and put together individual components for a Solar Power System. And while we encourage clients to browse as extensively as they please, as well as to get specific about the equipment they choose, certain clients will appreciate  complete Solar Power Kits  for several reasons.

  • A  great package deal  on quality Solar Power
  • The choices are simplified for clients with  urgent energy needs 
  • Solar Power kits are helpful for individuals that want to keep things as practical as possible
  • Only the  best compatible components  are used for every solar power kit
  •  Everything you need for the installation is included in the kit 
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Components of a Solar Power Kit

Solar Panels

Solar panels can be manufactured by different materials, which ultimately determine the efficiency. Fundamentally the silicone cells inside the panels make them capable of harvesting energy from the sun. Constructed with durable aluminium frames and tempered glass for protection, solar panels are  Everything you need for the installation is included in the kit .
For more in-depth information about solar panels can be found in Complete Solar Panel User Guide.

The Solar Inverter

An important part of the system the inverter  converts DC power (Direct Current) into AC power (Alternating Current) . Since the Solar Panel produces DC power it needs to be converted into AC in order to use in the property.
They come in various sizes and types, depending on the amount of energy you will need to use within the property and the type of roof set up will influence what inverter needed.
For more detailed information read our beginners guide to the Solar Inverter.

Solar Batteries

Several different batteries are available for solar systems, and you will likely find yourself  comparing lead-acid with lithium-ion  if you plan on storing energy. Both have benefits, although lithium batteries are more efficient. Depending on the kit you decide on, you may need batteries if you require backup.
To understand more about Solar Batteries Complete guide to Solar Batteries, ideal for beginners.

Mounting, Cables, Fittings, & Other Parts

There are smaller items that also play a vital role, such as the appropriate cables and fittings to get the solar system in place. You will notice the added accessories for a hybrid (off-grid) system, such as the battery cable packs and racks, these are all necessary to make sure your installation goes smoothly.

Different Solar Power Kits

Never feel limited by your options when we have so many in our range to choose from. Whether you want a solid 5kW system to keep a small to medium home going, or if you want a more powerful kit for your larger homes or business, be sure to browse our online store.

Thanks to our selection, you can choose to stay connected to the grid, or you can gain complete independence. More about the detailed differences can be found in our Complete Solar Power kits guide.

The Best Combinations

The great things about purchasing a complete package include getting it at a bundled price, as well as the best combinations. So, in addition to receiving all the necessary parts, this once-off purchase helps to save even more money. Even the transaction is more convenient and straightforward. And lastly, the kits can serve as a guideline if you are just learning about the technical details.