Grid-Tied Solar Power Kits are used to capture and supply power to your grid connection during sunlight hours. For instance, if your energy use is 4kw at any point and you have a 3kw system it would provide 3kw in peak sun to supplement the power usage and obtain the rest needed from the grid, inevitably reducing your energy bill.

These systems have no battery storage for use at night, however, are a step towards reducing your energy usage with smaller budgets.

Below are Grid-Tied Solar Power Kits that include a discounted price because they are sold as a complete package, also fantastic as a starting point to work from if you are looking to take that next step.

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Solar Power Kits Review Summary

The easiest and quickest way of getting started with Solar Power, buying a ready designed Solar Power kit makes perfect sense for the homeowner or small business.

For larger commercial businesses it doesn’t make as much sense.