Water Saving

Water Saving

Water Saving is an essential need in our everyday lives. We are all aware that water is life and without it we will not be able to survive. There are many habits that we have picked up over the years after having the privilege of unlimited access. Today, because of these ways of life we are forced to adapt efficient systems to make better use of the water we have.

With today’s technology, if all households had to implement the simple yet effective methods created by water conservationists, we would inevitably have more than what we truly need.

There are grey water systems for garden use, water conserving shower heads to preserve excess water usage whilst showering and rain water systems to capture unused rain water for better use.

Explore your options today and find out what you can do to preserve water in a better way. View our online store for great solutions.

A few habitual tips that can save you loads in the long run:

  1. Turn the tap off while you use the basin to brush your teeth.
  2. Place blocks in your toilet cistern to reduce the amount of water used per flush.
  3. Take shorter showers, create effective cleaning routines.
  4. Make sure you fill your washing machine and dishwasher per cycle.
  5. Fix any dripping taps you may have in the house.
  6. Use effective watering methods for your garden i.e drip systems or grey water systems
  7. Cool your water in the fridge and not let it run before it cools when filling the glass
  8. Invest in water saving solutions wherever you can.

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