Grey water systems

Grey water systems

Grey water systems are the revolutionary designed method to keep your garden green and healthy.


grey water system

What is a grey water system?

Grey water systems have been created to preserve water wastage in the general household. All water used from showering, wash basins, dishwashers and similar applications can be diverted to one outlet source for collection.

All the water at the collection point gets transferred into a collection box or tank and gets filtered to take out all deposits that may clog the pump. A pump is then submerged into the tank to draw and circulate the water to end points in either a drip system or hose pipe etc.

What can you use a grey water system for?

All water collected from the household can be used for watering the garden or washing the car. Outdoor uses that are now under regulation are what this system replaces.

Is it safe?

Water from the bath, basin or dishwasher have pathogenic organisms that grow over time. The water should be used within a 24 hour period and not stored for longer and in kept in a cool area if possible.

What about grease or solids?

Most of the fine pieces get collected in the filtration process so won’t always be an issue, however excess solids can reduce the filtration process and need cleaning often. Grease on the other hand can be more of a difficult problem to overcome. The correct disposal of oil and grease should be exercised in general, however can still be used for the watering of gardens.

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