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Solar Battery - Introduction to Lead-Acid Models

When it comes to solar panel systems, the batteries have to be heavy duty in nature. A typical car battery isn't going to do the trick, because it won't be able to handle the regular discharging. For a solar setup you are going to need deep-cycle battery and they come in many forms, such as AGM and Lithium-ion models. But in this case we are going to look at some of the more conventional choices, namely a lead-acid solar battery.

How do Lead-Acid Batteries Work?

These models are typically referred to as flooded or wet cell batteries. They aren't sealed like the other models mentioned above and the cells have to stay submerged in a sulphuric-acid solution. Just like a car battery, there is maintenance involved. The maintenance consists of adding distilled water and providing enough ventilation for the gasses to escape. With FLA model batteries the acid solution reacts with the lead plates, which gives off hydrogen and oxygen. This exposes the plates, which is why regular maintenance is necessary.

What makes a Lead-Acid Solar Battery Popular?

The most obvious reason for their popularity has to be the price. Compared to sealed and lithium batteries they are the cheaper choice. It can also be said that they've been associated with solar power for several years now and they get the job done in terms of producing regular deep cycles. However, they won't last very long if they aren't maintained on a regular basis, they have to be placed in well ventilated areas and they don't really look very attractive compared to other models.

If you don't have a big budget, but you are set on installing a solar power system in your house or business, this is probably the battery you want to go with. The range is extensive and can easily fit into your plans. Just remember that they have to placed in an upright position and they don't perform as well as later models. Things like cold weather and the constant need for deep cycles could interfere with efficiency.

How much do they Cost?

Everything is going to depend on the size of the battery you need. For example, a 26Ah - 12V battery will cost around R1000.00 and a 40Ah - 12V ranges around R1700.00. A 225Ah - 6V can cost you in the region of R2600.00. Given the extensive range and all the brands that contribute to it, these are the prices you can expect to pay.

Lead-Acid Solar Batteries
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Overall Lead-Acid Solar Battery Review

The Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle battery has been around a long time, they are cheap and with the latest technology, they are also safer.

With Lithium-ion batteries becoming cheaper they do make for a better long-term option.

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