Solar Geyser Prices in South Africa

Solar Geyser Prices in South Africa

Solar geyser prices, if South Africans are forced to be anything, then it's to be realistic. We can't look past the dire situations we face regarding Eskom. And truthfully speaking, there's no avoiding the fact that electricity prices will increase indefinitely. The only option we have is to seek alternative sources of power, seeing as Eskom and the government aren't allowing other players to join the power grid game. The good news is that solar geyser prices continue to fall. In other words, it's moving in a completely different direction than Eskom.

The Benefits of Solar Geyser Prices

Everything comes down to perspective. Even though solar power is free, there is an initial investment you'll have to make. Lucky for you solar geyser prices aren't fixed like Eskom prices, which is where the benefits come in. If you invest in a solar geyser you can choose how to do it, because technology and certain financing companies allow it. Let's look at some examples to get some clarity to the subject.

Complete Kits - Thermosiphon systems

Thermosiphon systems work on the idea of gravity and hot water rising. The tank is placed above the solar water collector so that the hot water created in the collector rises into the tank when it is hot.

Starting with the most expensive option, you can install a complete kit. The kit will include everything from the collector and the tank to the pump and valves. Depending on the size of the tank you choose the price is going to vary. Overall you're looking at about R15 000.00 for a hot water system for 4 to 5 people. Take note that this is a rough estimation and your choices will have an effect the final price.

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Before moving to your other options, let's make some calculations first. The geyser is usually responsible for about half of your electricity bill, but for the sake of argument, we'll keep it at a very low R500. Over the next two years (if the price of electricity stays the same) you're paying R12 000 for your hot water. That's almost as much as the price of a complete solar geyser kit. But your solar geyser can provide you with hot water for up to 10 years. Taking the R500 over a period of 10 years will bring you to R60 000.00. That means you'll be saving R45 000.00, and recouping your investment in less than 3 years.

Direct Thermosiphon solar geyser

A direct thermosiphon system utilizes a tank that needs not to protect itself from freezing conditions. A less insulated tank that is placed in the thermosiphon position above the solar water collector.

Direct thermosiphon systems are perfect for coastal areas in South Africa and any place where freezing conditions are not achieved

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Indirect Thermosiphon solar geyser

Indirect Thermosiphon solar geyserAn indirect thermosiphon system is designed for freezing conditions. In this instance, with the GAP SOLAR geysers, there is a jacket system where space around the cylinder offers insulation and placement for a liquid called glycol that acts as the thermal insulation to ensure the temperature of the water is maintained for longer periods of time as well as not allowing it to freeze.

Retrofit Kits - Converting your electric geyser

The great thing is that you don't have to pull out R15 000.00 if you really want to switch to solar power. A more affordable option comes in the form of retrofit kits. This is when you use the tank you already have, and you simply add the solar collector and the rest of the equipment. Basically, you are converting your geyser.

Currently our most popular retrofit kit is the ITS DIY kit that offers both quality and value for money whilst being simple to install.

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Once again, the price is going to depend on the size of your tank and the type of collector you want to use. But overall you can expect to pay between R7,500.00 and R12,200.00 for a standard kit. Following the same math pattern as before, you'll be saving around R50 000.00 over the course of ten years.

The Benefits Continue

The benefits don't stop at solar geyser prices and the money you're going to save. Also, consider that you'll always have warm water as long as the sun keeps shining. Even if Eskom fails you, your solar geyser will continue to function as normal. And what about the fact that there's no need for maintenance? Or that you can install it anywhere in South Africa? In addition to all this, you can sleep a little better at night knowing that you have begun to utilize renewable energy.

A few years back it would've been realistic to say that solar geyser installation is rather expensive, but it's not the case anymore. If you can afford to pay the high prices offered by Eskom, then you can most definitely work out a budget for an efficient solar geyser system.

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