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Solar geysers

There are many reasons why people from around the world love visiting the Mother City. The beautiful beaches, the friendly people, the laid-back atmosphere, and of course the incredible sunsets - these are just some of the main attractions. For the people who live there, they can boast about living in one of the most attractive cities in the world. But it's not the only thing they can boast about. If you haven't heard by now, Cape Town is quickly turning into the solar power haven in South Africa. And where does it usually start? It usually starts with geyser conversions. The best part is that finding solar geysers Cape Town is as easy as logging onto the internet and searching for

We've got Solar Geysers Cape Town Products

At our online store you are going to find everything you need in terms of making the transition to solar. In other words, we've got all the solar geysers Cape Town products you need. This includes the panels and collectors, ranging between basic flat-plate designs and evacuated tube collectors. We stock the best solar geyser tanks if you're looking to upgrade your tank efficiency. We even offer different solar geyser systems, namely direct and in-direct. Do you want to use a pump or do you prefer a natural thermo process for heating circulation? Either way, you'll find it at our online store. solar geysers cape town The best part is that you can simply invest in a little geyser conversion, which means you can use the tank you already have. This knocks off the price of the installation and the overall package, while giving you free hot water.

We've got other Solar Products too

Let's just cut to the chase and tell you that SolarAdvice should be your one-stop shop for Cape Town's solar needs. Get your home off the grid with high quality panels, intelligent inverters and batteries that can help you utilize solar power at night. In fact, you might want to check out the solar generator range we have on offer, namely the Ecoboxx. Solar power doesn't really get more practical, until the next innovation hits the market of course.

We've got the Info

It's understandable that switching to solar power can be a little overwhelming, especially when you need to start calculating how much power you're going to need. This is why we have some handy guides regarding solar geysers and panels. Within these guides we'll help you to get a better perspective regarding how much you can save, how to calculate the solar panel system you need and much more. But it's not just all business at SolarAdvice, which is why we feature articles about the latest innovations, such as camping with solar power, and the latest news regarding the energy situation in South Africa. Bookmark SolarAdvice now for the best prices on the market, the highest quality products, and of course for all the info you need on getting started.