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Solar Geysers Cape Town Style

It’s not surprising that more South Africans are switching to solar geysers Cape Town style. Let’s face it, it’s a cool city. The people are nice, the sights are amazing, and it just captures the beauty of the country. Cape Town is also the city where you’ll see a growing solar geyser trend, and it’s not just because of the sunny skies. Just about every part of South Africa is suitable for solar power use, so why are you still thinking about it?

Because solar power is complicated?

Everything depends on how deep you want to go, but even then it’s still fairly basic. With a solar geyser, it’s as basic as it gets. You just have to choose one that will fit with your budget and balance. In this article we’ll take a look at your options and hopefully inspire you to join the renewable energy trend.

Solar Geysers Cape Town

Solar geysers Cape Town and solar geyser in Joburg are pretty much the same. The location doesn’t affect the type of solar geyser you can choose from. They all work with the sun, they all use panels or tube collectors, and they all provide enough hot water for the whole family. But let’s break it down a little bit and get to know the main differences.

One geyser typically requires one panel, unless you’re looking at a 300L tank. A bigger tank like a 300L might require 2 panels. The great thing is that the information about the panel’s capabilities are listed with the product. You’ll clearly know what panel is suitable for a given tank. Panels are popular because they are durable and effective. They don’t cause too much of a distraction and the maintenance is minimal, which is to give it a good cleaning once every few months.

Solar Panel

  • Evacuated Tube Collectors

A tube collector is a little more fragile than a panel, but also slightly more efficient. Instead of silicone cells, tube collectors use special tubing that are treated with special coatings. They are slightly more efficient due to their round shape and their ability to gather rays from the sun better during cloudy days. However, they do get hotter than panels and can reach boiling point. A little more safety needs to be incorporated with this type of collector.

solar geysers cape town

Different Solar Geyser Systems

Now that we’ve covered the two types of collectors you can use, it’s time to look at specific systems. They are divided between:

  • Direct Solar Geyser System

With a direct system the panel or collector heats the water, then circulates the heated water to the tank via a pump. The only moving part is the pump, which requires some obvious maintenance. Thanks to the pump you can keep the panel and the tank separate.

  • Indirect Solar Geyser System

In this case a heating fluid is going to circulate between the collector and the tank. After the liquid has been heated it will flow to the special heat exchanger, which transfers the heat from the liquid to the water. A pump is also usually part of the system.

  • Natural Solar Geyser System

It’s not always necessary for a pump, but then the collector and the geyser have to be in close proximity. By using a natural thermal process that involves the gravity between hot and cold water, the water will circulate between the collector and the tank. These systems are cheaper and the most basic, seeing as there are no moving parts involved.

Should You Buy a Solar Geyser Kit?

It’s going to be more affordable and easier to simply invest in the full package. You can either get the kit that includes the tank, or you can invest in a retrofit kit. This is when you use the tank you already have.

solar geyser prices

And that’s it people. That’s how basic and simple it is to choose a solar geyser. But now you’re wondering how much you’re going to save? For the most part people recoup their investment within the first two years. From there it’s pretty much free hot water solar geysers Cape Town style.

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