Solar Power Accessories

Given the investment you're making with a solar array, it's only natural that you want the system to function as long as possible at the highest level of efficiency. Or maybe you want a specific type of installation or setup? Which might require additional brackets, wiring, etc. And this is where solar power accessories come in. Solar Advice offers a wide range of accessories, which you can use for that custom installation or to bring out the best in your solar array setup.

Efficiency Solar Power Accessories

These are the accessories that typically help to monitor the performance of the solar array components. For example, the Victron battery monitor or the MPPT controller. Because once you start getting used to solar power keeping the lights on, you start paying more attention to the efficiency level of every component. And once you get more control, it's easier to bring out the best performance for the overall solar array.

Protective Solar Power Accessories

Just like you have options to increase the efficiency of the solar array system, there are certain components you can add for added safety. No, this isn't to enhance your safety. Instead, it promotes the safety of the solar equipment you use. Wall mounted enclosures for the controls, battery monitors and solar charge controllers are used in this regard.

Enhancement And Management Solar Power Accessories

Lastly, if it happens that you want to upgrade your system, you might require extra accessories like wiring, maybe some pre-galvinised strut, or what about a low voltage combiner?

You see, a solar power system isn't just about placing a few panels on the roof and connecting them to an inverter. Thanks to all the added accessories, you are able to really integrate it as part of your renewable energy lifestyle. At Solar Advice, you will find a wide range of solar accessories. You will also see what it's like when affordability and high-quality get together in the same place.

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