South Africa’s Drought Problem – Basic Ways to Start Saving Water

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According to Hollard (insurance company) experts, South Africa should be seeing a big change in the weather starting sometime December. This is when El Nina passes through our solar system, and as the name suggests, it has the opposite effect that El Nino had. With the latter we’ve seen a tremendous drought problem across the globe, but now insurance companies want their clients to get ready for damaging floods. The Hollard experts base their conclusion on historical weather facts, although there are several experts who disagree completely. This leaves us stuck between two expert opinions.

All we know for sure is that South Africa is currently facing a serious drought. Every year it just gets drier, and while the scattered showers help a lot, it might not be enough to sustain a future. South Africans have to take the initiative if there is going to be a future, and although we can’t force the rain to come, we can use the supply we have sparingly. Here are some basic ways to start saving water.

  • Tend to Leaks

Leaks usually start small, but they end up becoming a very big problem. Unfortunately, by the time you realize it, so much water has already been wasted. It’s been estimated that up to 80lt of water can go to waste on a daily basis from a faucet leak or drip. If you want to know if there might be a hidden leak, pay close attention to the water meter. If there is unusual activity then it can probably be a leak you’re not seeing.

  • Install Water-Saving Shower Heads

It’s a very simple process to install water-saving shower heads and they make a big difference in terms of conserving water. You might also consider limiting the time you spend in the shower, or at least shut the water off while washing.

  • Plastic Bottles in the Toilet

You might not realize it, but just flushing the toilet is the single highest usage of water in a typical home. The older the toilet the more water it’s going to waste. A cheap way of limiting the water wastage is to take a plastic bottle, fill it with about 2cm of sand and water, then put it in the tank away from the flushing mechanisms. This way the tank won’t fill up with so much water.

  • Don’t Leave the Water Running

For many of us it’s habit to leave the water running, especially when we think it’s going to be a quick shave or toothbrush session. Instead of rinsing your razor under clean water every time, pour a little in the basin and tap the razor in there. The same goes for rinsing dishes.

  • Store Water in the Fridge

By now everyone knows how long you should let the water in tap flow before it cools down in the summer. It’s understandable that the last thing you want is hot water, so why not just keep a permanent water supply in the fridge? This way you won’t have to let the tap flow for 2 minutes before cold water actually comes out.

  • Only Wash Full Loads

It makes sense to wash clothes and dishes in small loads, because it’s quicker. But when it comes to saving water, it’s more logical for the washing machine and dishwasher to get loaded to the max before washing.