Tesla Motors Coming To South Africa

This topic might not be directly connected to solar power, but it's worth mentioning anyway because it comes from the South African born Elon Musk. He's an entrepreneur whose behind the Tesla company, which is responsible for cutting edge solar power products and electric cars. Up until now S.A hasn't seen much in terms of electric cars. Apart from a few hybrids your choices are rather limited. At the moment you can only choose between Nissan's Leaf and BMW's i3, the former being the first fully electric car to hit South Africa. Unfortunately there is so little competition in the market that prices are still relatively high, but maybe things can change.


Introducing the Tesla Model 3

Musk and his team recently revealed their latest addition to their electric car line, which is called the Model 3. The showing took place in California and the price tag was set at $35 000. Yes, it's sounds like a lot of money, but it's actually quite cheap compared to their other models. In fact, it's about 50% cheaper. But what does this have to do with South Africa?

Well, it's good and it's bad. The good news is that the Model 3 cars will be coming to South Africa nearing the end of 2017. The bad news is that you'll have to fork out a little more than R500 000 if you want to drive one. When you take into account that you'll never have to stop at the petrol station again, it's probably a bargain.


Model 3 Capabilities

Assuming you have the financing to buy a Model 3 Tesla car, then you're probably wondering what makes it special, other than running on electricity alone. More specifically, why shouldn't you just buy the slightly cheaper Nissan Leaf?

For starters, Model 3 can go twice the distance compared to Nissan and BMW, which is about 312km. Secondly, Musk says they will also charge faster thanks to supercharging. In terms of speed, Model 3 can reach 100 km/h in only 6 seconds.

There's no doubt the competition for the electric car market is going to blow up next year.


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