The First Zero-Emissions Passenger Train

By December 2017 the first zero-emissions passenger train will be put to work. The Coradia iLint train has been in development for the last two years and Germany is going to be the first country to use them for passenger transportation. This is yet another big step towards a world that functions with a renewable energy vision.


The French company behind the project, Alstom, has officially made history in terms of passenger transportation. This brings their Coradia series of clean transportation trains full circle and speaks volumes to what can be achieved. As for the country that will be hosting the first ever hydro trains, it's about replacing the current diesel models. While this transformation is not new to cargo transportation, it's still a major advancement for greener ways of getting around.

One of the main features of the Coradia iLint train is the smooth ride, because all you'll be hearing is wind resistance and the wheels on the rails. Chances are you won't even know the electric engine exists. The top speed of the train is 140km and it's powered by a hydrogen tank on the roof. The hydrogen powers a hydrogen cell, which in turn generates electricity. This is referred to as hydrail technology, and several other countries want to jump on the bandwagon. Apart from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway have shown great interest in replacing the fossil fuel with a cleaner alternative.

Given that iLint trains are more expensive than it's diesel counterpart, they provide a sustainable future. Here's to the countries that are taking the bold step into a greener tomorrow, hopefully we can do the same with South Africa.

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