Timers For Geysers: A Quick Guide To Saving Money

Among the cheap ways to bring down the high costs associated with a geyser, timers have to be among the most popular. In the following article you are going to learn some scary things about your geyser, especially how it's increasing the electric bill month after month. But you'll also learn a simple way to curb that bill dramatically by exploring timers for geysers.

Scary Facts about Your Geysers

The scariest fact that has to pointed out from the beginning, is that your geyser makes up around 60% of your bill every month. If you want to see what goes into the calculations, then feel free to read our article regarding the costs. But just to give you a better perspective on what the geyser is doing behind your back, consider the following:

  • The amount of energy a geyser requires to heat up once can be compared to fifty light bulbs
  • When the temperature of the water drops to a certain degree, which is typically between 2 and 6, it automatically starts up again until the water reaches the set thermostat degree, usually around 60.
  • When a geyser isn't controlled it will re-heat water around 25 times a day, although the average family only requires about 4 hours worth. 

It's because of reasons like these that South Africans get tense nearing the end of the month, but they hardly ever suspect one of the biggest headaches, namely the geyser.

Timers for Geysers

There's nothing complicated about timers for geysers. As the name suggests, the purpose is to take over control of how many times your geyser heats up water. So instead of allowing it to run amok, you work your warm water into your schedule and bring down the bill.

For example, statistics show that geysers set to heat water once a day for two hours will cut more than 60% of your current geyser expenses. Twice a day for two hours saves about 37%, which is also the preferred choice among bigger families. If you know when you'll be needing hot water and you can stick to that routine, a timer is going to save you a lot of money.

timers for geysers

Timer Installation And Cost

If everything goes smoothly the installation should only take about 30 to 40 minutes, if not less. Can it be taken along when you move to a different house? Yes it can, which means you don't have to stress about getting a new one every time. In terms of how much it can possibly cost weighs on the model you ultimately choose. It's important that the amps of the timer correspond with that of the geyser, but other than that you can stick to your budget. Basic models that get the job done cost around R250 and R300, while top models can easily reach R1000. Now that you know how timers for geysers will save you money, why not get one right away?

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