While Victron inverters are relatively new in the high capacity market, the company behind the inverters has been operational since 1975. Victron Energy – based in the Netherlands – is better known for producing small to medium off-grid conversion solutions. The company is particularly well-known for developing inverters used in micro-power situations, such as inverters for RVs or boats. But over the last several years, Victron Energy expanded its range to compete with energy storage/conversion giants like Tesla.

At SolarAdvice, you will come across several inverter models from Victron. These include the MultiPlus and Quattro models that place them in the very competitive high capacity market. So, if you are looking for stable inverters that perform at the same level as the leading brands, Victron should jump to mind.

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The Crucial Role of an Inverter

Electrical current conversions are necessary when you want to use solar power or store energy. And inverters like those from Victron are used to make the conversion possible. Depending on the type of system you have at your home or business, you need the right inverter for the job. If you want more technical details, feel free to read our helpful user guide.

Off-grid solar systems, for example, typically use solar charge controllers. And these directly charge batteries from energy harvested through solar panels. But if more than one source of energy is used to keep the house powered or the battery bank charged, a hybrid inverter needs to be in place to manage energy regulation.

The Benefits of Using Quality Inverters

Enables homes and businesses to utilize solar/alternative energy solutions:

Without an inverter to convert energy from solar panels or batteries, the system is not going to function. Hence the reason for not compromising on the quality of the inverter you choose, because the inverter is too critical.

Allows multiple charge sources:

Depending on the inverter model you choose, you can keep batteries charged using the grid, a renewable energy source like solar, or a generator. Hybrid inverters are also smart enough to supplement your solar energy system with grid power whenever necessary.

Smart software for diagnostics:

Some inverters take energy management to another level thanks to smart software built right in. With LCD displays and on-demand readings, you can always be up to date with the health of your system in general.

Things to Consider

It is not recommended to simply purchase the first inverter you come across, just because the price is right. Try to think about the long-term and whether you might want to upgrade the system. If this is the case, you have to choose the right inverter with the ability to upgrade. Other factors to look at before making a final decision include:

– Does the inverter need to be installed indoors?
– The max output capability of the inverter
– Is energy management/monitoring software applicable?
– How long do you get a warranty on the inverter?
– The level of efficiency
– The cost

A Versatile Range

We are happy to say that our Victron inverter range does not disappoint. In addition to small models starting at 430w for micro energy solutions, you can go all the way up to 6500w if that is the output you need. You will also find them at the best prices, only at SolarAdvice.

Get Some Guidance from Our Friendly Consultants

If you have any questions or concerns about choosing the best Victron inverter, get in touch with our friendly consultants. They are standing by with answers to your specific situation, or you can dig into our helpful solar inverter guide.