Load Shedding Kits

With a great range of Load Shedding kits available at SolarAdvice, you can keep the lights on during blackouts.

Even when unexpected load shedding strikes, you do not have to compromise your lifestyle anymore.

Load Shedding Kit features:

  • If you don’t want to install solar panels just yet but need a solution for load shedding
  • Keep your home functional during blackouts
  • Complete packages for your convenience
  • The most competitive prices for the best brands
  • Hybrid inverters allow you to upgrade the system to solar energy
  • Batteries can be charged from multiple sources

Load Shedding Solutions - The Options that work best!

Learn more about Load Shedding Kits by reading our full guide here.

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As you will notice, all our Load Shedding kits are packaged with high-quality hybrid inverters such as Goodwe and Deye. And the different modes make it possible to charge the battery bank from different sources. For example, you can use grid power, solar panels, wind, and even a generator.

Load Shedding Kit Components

– Inverter

The inverter has the important function of converting energy and making it available for household use. In this case, the inverter also ensures the right current flows into the battery when charging from different sources. Hence the reason why you can always upgrade to solar power after installing a load shedding kit. But you can read more about the different inverter type in our guide.

– Batteries

The battery components for our load shedding kits are just as impressive. Choose a budget-friendly AGM model or get the best efficiency with a Pylon lithium option, it’s all up to you. And if you want more info regarding battery banks, simply follow our in-depth guide on Solar Batteries.

– Racks, Brackets, Cables

Every load shedding kit is set up with all the extras. These include the racks and brackets to place the inverter and battery bank, as well as the electrical cables and switch disconnectors for energy regulation. All the things you need to stay powered during a blackout are part of the package.

Will Load Shedding Continue to be a Problem?

It’s a sad truth that South Africa is facing an energy crisis that can last indefinitely. And for several years now, load shedding has been a tremendous problem. Hence the reason for taking action today and speaking with our friendly consultants, because you can still have energy during a blackout.