Solar Inverters

Solar Power Inverters are one of the most important investments for your Solar Power System.

How Do They Work?

The Inverter converts the power produced from the Solar Panels, from DC power into useable AC power.
You can learn more about this here.

There are various types of Off-Grid, Grid-Tied, and Hybrid systems.

Hybrid & Off-Grid Inverters

This type is the most versatile, efficient and cost-effective of the options available.

Here are the general functions that a Grid-Tied / Hybrid String options typically perform:

  • Synchronise to the grid
  • Disconnect if the grid goes down
  • Use an alternative power source (solar, battery or wind)
  • Detect if any power sources are depleted and switch to another
  • Monitor power usage
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Where does an Inverter Fit into a Solar Power System?

When looking at the critical components for a solar array, you will find inverters sitting at the top of the list – right next to the solar panels. Without the inverter, there is no way to convert the DC energy harvested by the solar panels. Hence the reason for investing in a stable inverter with great efficiency levels. Because when a DC current is switched to AC, and you start using it in your home or business, the output has to be consistent.

Seeing as inverters serve such a valuable purpose, we have dedicated a good part of our solar advice guide towards keeping clients informed. So, feel free to make use of this guide right now and get all the user-friendly details.

Quality Inverter Brands

Brand names matter when you shop for solar equipment. Because it is much easier to stay up to date with the reputations of brands that have been in the market for several years. Take the inverter brands offered at SolarAdvice as a good example:


Goodwe is a company that specialises in converting solar energy. And the models it has produced up to know paved the way for all their major projects. From Korea and Holland to India and Turkey, Goodwe is responsible for projects scaling 10MW and upwards.


One of, if not one of the best entry-level Off-Grid inverters, the Growatt is a high-quality brand with fantastic value for money. Their 5-year warranty makes it an attractive choice for those looking for reassurance.
Established in the market and with an excellent return rate along with their solid support we always recommend the Growatt as a solid choice.

Voltronic Types

For individuals on a budget who are looking to start their journey with solar power, Axpert is a brand name that is familiar in the solar market. Designed and developed by Voltronic Power (established 2008 as UPS solution specialists), Axpert inverters have built a reputation for being incredibly stable and efficient.


Deye is a reputable brand, their Hybrid inverters are used by thousands of households and businesses. Their best-selling 5kW and 8kW options don’t skip a beat and their price point makes them a firm favourite.
Most Lithium-ion brands are compatible with Deye inverters making them a top choice amongst installers.


An international brand with a very competitive range of inverters the Sofar is a solid choice. Their Hybrid inverters, in particular, have a great number of features and capabilities, they can be installed outside being able to withstand some of the elements, this displays their robust build and resilience.

Different Capabilities

You are presented with a different range of inverters because you have specific energy needs. This is why we encourage everyone to read our solar guide, which covers all the basics. But in the meantime, inverters are mainly utilised for two solar array types.

– Grid-tied:

The inverter allows you to switch between solar and grid power. When solar power is available, it will be used as the main source of energy. But when solar energy is low, it switches to grid-power.

– Hybrid / Off-grid

The inverter still allows you to stay connected to the grid, or you can choose to disconnect completely. Everything depends on the system you install and whether storing excess energy forms part of the plan. Hybrid inverters hold the advantage of merging energy sources, instead of making a switch between them.

If you do not find what you are looking for in our guide, please reach out to our friendly consultants. They are eager to help everything make sense, as well as hook you up with the best solar array according to your budget.